• My Experience Destroying Products and Why Kept SKU is a Solution

    By Angie Washington, Duke MBA Candidate It was my first late night shift working for a  popular fast fashion retail company. We had to re-stock inv...
  • Why brands destroy products and how donation won't save us

    Destroying product has been the fashion industry's common practice. For all our circularity efforts, fashion remains a linear system that supports commerce of high volumes at low production, shipping and fulfillment costs. But there's hope. 
  • In Conversation with Kept SKU Founder Rachel Kibbe

    In Conversation with Kept SKU™ This week we are featuring our very own Rachel Kibbe, founder of Kept SKU™ and Circular Services Group (CSG).  To ...
  • Pilot Drop Update

    As we re-imagine the future of returns and excess inventory at Kept SKU, we started with a pilot for learnings. Our partner brands Lo&Sons, Boyish, and Amendi sent us inventory that ranged from perfect to damaged. Last week we spent a day sorting through it, categorizing it, and curating it into beautiful mystery boxes that we pre-sold in a drop to customers. Part of our experiment was to see if a) brands wanted this service and if b) customers want and understand what we were throwing down. Here's what happened.