In Conversation with Kept SKU Founder Rachel Kibbe

In Conversation with Kept SKU™

This week we are featuring our very own Rachel Kibbe, founder of Kept SKU™ and Circular Services Group (CSG). 

To give you a little background on Rachel, she has been a leader in the sustainable and circular fashion space for over a decade. She founded one of the first online stores for ethical fashion, which she later merged with a large-scale used clothing collector.  She has worked with municipalities and fashion brands globally on retail and municipal clothing textile recycling solutions.

CSG provides advisory and infrastructure to support the circular economy. Their portfolio includes SLB, a domestic apparel manufacturing company focused on upcycling and sustainable manufacturing at scale. and most recently they launched Kept SKU, a company focused on reimagining fashion returns and resale. 

We asked Rachel a couple of questions to better understand how Kept SKU’s mission

  1. Can you help us to understand why Kept SK is focused on returns to start?

We’re starting here because ecommerce fashion sales have return rates of up to 56% and at least 10% of these items never end up back on the shelf and are incinerated. Kept SKU is rethinking our processes and incentives as an industry to get these items back and keep them at highest and best use.  By providing a brand/retailer partnership, we can get the ball rolling to make an impact quickly. The first step is to take this merchandise and remerchandise it in a curated way that delights brands and customers, the next step is to reimagine the technology and processes and infrastructure of the future. 

  1. This is an unaddressed problem, why is that?

It’s been overlooked because it’s not the primary business of brands. They are masters at selling products for the first time, as they should be, but getting products back to be resold is a different story. For decades it was a risk that could be overlooked but now, for both environmental and financial reasons, brands need partners to work with them on this hand-in-hand. 

3.What impact are you looking to make and why?

We are providing the infrastructure, innovation, and support for brands and their customers to participate in the circular economy in a meaningful way.

  1. How can our readers participate in or support this cause?

Check out Kept SKU, ask questions, don’t be afraid to shop used and returned items. The most sustainable thing we can do is keep items in-use.