We're drowning in returns

Fashion has the highest return rates of any product. At least 50%. The rise in e-commerce shopping has only exacerbated the problem. What many don't realize is that many returns never make it back on the shelf. At worst they end up getting incinerated and, at best, downcycled (turned into insulation). 

Founded by Rachel Kibbe, a fashion circularity veteran, Kept SKU™ fills an unmet need. Throughout her time working on used clothing collection programs with US cities, along with some of the top fashion brands, she's been approached by both stakeholders for responsible solutions for new and nearly new items sitting in warehouses. Kept / SKU is her response. It also provides a fun way to discover conscious brands at accessible price points.

Kept SKU is an alternative shopping channel to give items that otherwise may have gone to landfill and incineration another chance. We are a new service for brands who care about keeping their inventory at the highest and best use, and for the customer who loves learning about them at the best price-points.

We're celebrating the way things were, when things were built to keep. 


We landfill and incinerate $500B worth of clothes each year. Resale is a circularity buzzword but there’s an unaddressed problem: returns, excess inventory and slightly damaged items. We're starting here. As we grow, we will continue to expand how we make clothing available to the marketplace so that brands, consumers, and the environment all benefit.  

Why are we starting here?

Recycling is available for less than 1% of textiles. Returns and excess inventory often sits for years in warehouses, taking up space and losing value. At worst (and too often) these items wind up in landfills and incineration.