How It Works

This is a pilot! You're part of history. Get excited!

The brands we're working with for this initial pilot are on a sustainability and circularity journey and bravely working with us on an entirely new concept. You, the customer, will be key to all of our successes. No pressure ;) After your box arrives, we'd love for your feedback. We are building a community and depend on you loving the experience. Please share your unboxing moments and tag us on IG and TikTok. @keptsku #skukeeper

How does our mystery box work?

The Last Stop Box includes a range of fantastic women's fashion and accessories, that otherwise wouldn't have been sold. Some items (but not most) may have minor imperfections that don't alter their functionality, which we think is beautiful! We hope you do too. 

What will I get in my box?

Boxes are curated at three price point levels and contain apparel, accessories (along with upcycled, zero waste, and other surprises). They will contain 2-4 items (plus goodies).

$199 BOX VALUED AT $400 USD+
$299 BOX VALUED AT $650 USD+
$399 BOX VALUED AT $1000 USD+

What about shipping and sustainable packaging?

Shipping is free and we're working to find a great carbon offset partner. We also working to find the most sustainable shipping materials on the market, while providing you a beautiful unboxing experience.  

How will you know my size?

When you "Reserve" a box you'll be asked for your top and bottom sizes. Often brands size differently. We'll do our best to match you with the right size for the brand. If we run out of items, or don't have something in your size, we'll let you know. 

When will I get my box?

We'll ship our first drop of boxes the beginning of June. Expect updates on our progress. 

What about returns?

No returns, at the moment. By purchasing a Last Stop Box, you get an opportunity to discover incredible brands at the best price points possible, and save items from landfill and incineration. We hope you love everything but if something just isn't for you, we hope you'll find a friend, family member, or neighbor to love the item. We are currently working on return alternatives.

We're also working to build a private swap community where Kept  SKU™ users can exchange items among each other and keep the love going. Stay tuned for details. 


Thanks for being with us on this journey!