Kept SKU Swap Community

Join our new swapping community

We work hard to ensure each Last Stop Box is curated perfectly but sometimes we miss. (or you, like us, are still ordering pre-lockdown pants sizes) 
Kept SKU Swaps  is a private Facebook group to swap purchases with each other. 

How do you join?

Visit  Kept SKU Swaps on Facebook. Request to join. Our team will confirm you are a Kept SKU customer. Nice - you're in!

How do I swap with others in the Kept SKU group?

📸 Post a picture of your item

👚 Mention the brand, size, color

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Make a connection with another member who has an item that you would like to swap with. 

🥰 If it's a match then it's up to the two of you to decide how you'd like to swap. 

What if something goes wrong (like I don't receive my swapped item)? 

We hope you get items to each other promptly and in great condition (c'mon). We don't assume any responsibility for swaps. Persons who don't fulfill their swap commitments with each other risk being removed from the group. 

Thank you for being big kids!